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VoiceXML gateway that works
on a PC with a voice modem.

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"... I am so happy that I don't have to worry about reminder calls when she [my assistant] is on vacation."



This easy-to-use software is a must for any one whose business depends on professional appointment reminder calls.
AutoReminder for Windows 2000/XP
Try Before you Buy. Same Features. More Info
AutoReminder for Windows 2000/XP

CD-Rom for $399 includes Free Shipping & Handling (US address)

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Professional, friendly reminder message
Automatic telephone reminder calls
Automatic retry if line is busy
Automatic retry if nobody answers the phone
Different message for answering machine and live person
Date, time, callback phone number, and contact information in the reminder
Understand voice commands over the phone
Easy-to-use Appointment book for creating, re-schedule, and cancellation.
Reminder status and call history
Manage contact list
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